Loan for Marriage

Do you need a loan to get married? Marriage is the culmination of a dream that deserves to be realized. Plan the best day of your life with Marriage Loan.

  • 1 What are Marriage Loans?
  • 2 Which Financing to apply for a wedding?
  • 3 What do I need to apply for a marriage loan?
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What are Marriage Loans?

Loan for marriage

Marriage Loans allow you to receive the sum required to meet the wedding expenses. Expenses for a wedding are countless, such as the purchase of clothes, lunch in a themed restaurant, wedding favors, cake, wedding rings, photographer, musicians, car rental, honeymoon, etc. ..

The Financing may be requested by one of the future spouses or perhaps by a parent, as we offer a Loan product for retirees up to 90 years . The other solutions are the Assignment of the Fifth and Personal Loans for Employees and Pensioners.


Which financing to request for a wedding?

Which financing to request for a wedding?


The Loan to be requested varies according to the needs of the applicant. In fact, Personal Loans are famous for their speed of delivery and are required by those who have an immediate need (in some cases they are paid in 24/48 hours).

While for the Cession of the Fifth the times are extended up to 15 days. Unlike the Personal Loan, the Loan with Assignment does not perform the control to the CRIF to verify the credit situation of the customer.

The Assignment offers an additional benefit, a special reimbursement that requires the same employer or pension institution to take care of it. Which loan to request, Assignment of the Fifth or Personal Loan ? The Loan to be requested will be based on your needs, our consultants work on complete customer assistance.


What do I need to apply for a wedding loan?

To complete your loan request to get married we need:

  • Identity card;
  • Fiscal Code;
  • Last paycheck or last payslip.

The Loan will subsequently be taken over by our operators who will meticulously follow the progress of the practice. You can request the Loan Estimate for marriage easily online from your smartphone or PC.


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